'I feel lighter. I can feel this is working' Client 62, October '20

'I would have been lost without your help. You helped me see what was really going on for me and guide me to see the choices I now have' Client, 42, June '20

'Thank you for your help. You put everything in perspective for me. I remember to breathe from time to time" Client, 54, June'19

"You helped me save my life. You helped me see the light inside of me that I never knew existed. I'm proud of who I am and really love myself, and it is because of you" Client, 28, Nov '18

"I feel like myself again. I realised I had to face some difficult aspects of my life, have some difficult conversations and make some changes. Lisa really helped me realise that my views and ideas mattered but that I needed to communicate them"  Trish, April '18

"Received treatment for quite low self-esteem and issues around anxiety. I used to worry all the time about everything to do with both myself and others. I would recommend True Horizon to anyone. The counselling room was so bright and comfortable and the fee was also great value"  Louise, 37, September'17

"I can't thank Lisa enough for helping me so much. I was so anxious about going initially but I am finally beginning to leave the past behind me" Pat, 42, May '17

"After receiving a life-changing diagnosis I felt completely lost and in despair, going to counselling really helped me gain a better perspective and express how it was impacting on me emotionally" Rob, 68, Nov '16

"It felt great to be honest, make sense of a few things in my life that felt overwhelming" Jill, 27, July' 16

"After seeing Lisa I am looking forward and accepting all that I am, all that has been and most importantly learning to love myself . Life has never looked so hopeful" Bec, 28, May '16

"It has been a life changer for me"   Thomas, 41, Feb'16

"So glad I made the decision to go to counselling. Exploring my experiences and different options has helped me reclaim my life again. I would encourage anybody to give counselling a chance even you aren't sure what to expect and I would definitely recommend Lisa as your therapist"  Jennifer, 56, Jan'16

"Went to counselling for issues around my self-image and feeling insecure. I felt under huge pressure to be 'perfect' and it was beginning to have an impact on my relationships and lead to a lot of stress in work. I would recommend Lisa to anybody. It was fantastic value for money"  Aoife, 23, Dec'15

"Helped me get to the root of what was causing me so much pain. I still go back from time to time when I feel I need to and Lisa helps me gain perspective"   Theresa, 59, Oct '15

"I was quite nervous about going for counselling. But was really happy I found Lisa as my therapist. It was much easier to share than I thought it would be. I felt safe and listened to. Would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for help with any issue"   Ann, 34, Sept'15

"I can't recommend Lisa highly enough. I tried a number of counsellors in the past but never felt I was making progress. With Lisa I was able to open up and explore my issues, thanks to her I am starting to feel like I am getting my life back on track!"  Michael, 35, June'15