'I have been attending sessions with Lisa.  She listens to whatever issues I have and has helped me, to help myself navigate through them. She has been an enormous help to me. I would highly recommend Lisa as a Therapist' Client, female  

'Coming to Lisa is the single best investment I’ve ever made for myself! Her kind, understanding and professional nature put me at ease immediately, which helped a lot, as it was something I put off for a long time. Lisa helped me process some things I was struggling with and I now go to her monthly as an act of self-care. There is nothing better than emptying my head of my thoughts and been given strategies to deal with anything that arises. I look forward to every session and always leave with a weight lifted. Everyone in my life has commented on the change in me. I couldn’t recommend Lisa highly enough' Client, female

'Lisa's kind and patient manner has helped me find the courage to make much needed changes to my life.  Lisa has helped guide me from feeling completely hopeless and stuck to realising that it is possible to be content and enjoy life.  I cannot thank Lisa enough for her support and kindness nor can I recommend Lisa highly enough to anyone who might need some help' Client, male 

'I was in a very dark place when I first met Lisa. I had severe anxiety and somatic depression. Lisa saved me, she showed unbelievable knowledge, compassion, gave me the tools to mange everyday life, taught me how to feel emotions, how to express myself, how to love myself. I’m beyond grateful to Lisa for the rest of my life'              Client, female

'I feel lighter. I can feel this is working' Client, Female 

'I would have been lost without your help. You helped me see what was really going on for me and guide me to see the choices I now have' Client, Male 

'Thank you for your help. You put everything in perspective for me. I remember to breathe from time to time" Client, Male

'I feel like myself again. I realised I had to face some difficult aspects of my life, have some difficult conversations and make some changes. Lisa really helped me realise that my views and ideas mattered but that I needed to communicate them' Client, Female