Qualifications: BSc. Psychotherapy & Counselling ; MSc. Occupational Therapy; BSc. Social Science

I combine various techniques to tap into the personal world of my client. I respect each individual's ability to make their own decisions. My work with you will not be about giving advice or deciding what is best for you. Instead through discussion and exploration, I will work with you to help you clarify your own beliefs, values and priorities. It involves a collaborative approach and always at the client's pace. We co-create the therapeutic space.


My name is Lisa Fitzgerald and I am an experienced psychotherapist & counsellor who believes in empowering people to lead fulfilling and happy lives. I am a fully accredited member of the Irish Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (IACP) and I follow their code of ethics for best practice. I continuously maintain, enhance and advance my professional knowledge and skills and keep up to date with current research. Additionally, I am a qualified Occupational Therapist and Social Scientist. I have been working within the healthcare field for many years and I have always held a genuine interest in the psychological well-being of people.

As your therapist, my greatest strength is my empathy and my ability to listen to your true self, without judgement, and encourage its voice. In a world where we often feel distracted, unbalanced and overwhelmed, it’s easy to ignore our needs and silence our inner truths. When we are not in alignment with our real selves, we may feel depressed, exhausted, overwhelmed, anxious, or generally unhealthy. I believe that when the true self gets heard, change happens. We make better choices, get “unstuck,” heal from past wounds, create better relationships, find satisfying careers, and generally live a richer life. 

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.”    C.J. Jung