When someone you love is experiencing mental health problems, you may feel a mixture of emotions. Concern, compassion, disbelief, anger, relief, anxiety, grief, love, guilt...any and all of these emotions are understandable and normal. Mental health issues may include anything from anxiety, depression, addiction to a diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease or Schizophrenia.

But who is taking care of you? When a loved one is mentally unwell, their care and support and take a lot of time and energy. But your own needs are just as important too. If you aren't well, it's harder to help someone else regain wellness.

Benefits of counselling include:

  • Accepting your own feelings about the situation and knowing that you are not alone
  • Learning more about the mental illness
  • Offering you a space to stay connected with yourself
  • Taking important timeout for yourself in a supportive, caring environment
  • Developing coping strategies for challenging behaviours your loved one may present with
  • Non-judgemental, confidential listening
  • Guidelines on additional supportive services available