In experiencing a loss through death or loss of another, the impact on the person can be tremendous. Every aspect of the self is affected - physically you have a loss of energy; your sense of self is shaken and internally your private inner world is thrown into chaotic turmoil; your relationships may also suffer as you prefer to withdraw into a much needed isolation. You may experience this sense of loss through separation or divorce, loss of health, unemployment or entering into retirement, loss of a pet, a future plan or loss of identity through depression or difficult circumstances.

What does loss & bereavement look like?

  • Sudden high level of anxiety
  • Increased frustration or low tolerance
  • feeling angry, irritable or numbness
  • Low mood
  • Sense of meaningless in life
  • Denial and a desire for isolation
  • Feelings of guilt
  • Fear of dying

Benefits of counselling

Speak with a trained professional who understands the grieving process and can support you through it

Work through difficult emotions of pain, sorrow, sadness or guilt

Develop coping skills to deal with depression and anxiety around the loss

Learn how to reach out to others to help them to support you better